Dr Aniebiet-Abasi Uko Udofia
A rising star in sports medicine

Dr Aniebiet-Abasi Uko Udofia, native of Ndiya in Nsit Ubium local government area, had shown signs early in life that she was going to be exceptional, brilliant and well prepared to make a mark in whatever profession she would choose after high (secondary) school. Aside from being a gifted scholar athlete, she was the best graduate( valedictorian) of her high school set. After receiving numerous scholarships, she got admitted to the prestigious Stanford University as a Presidential Scholar, where she majored in Biological Sciences.

She worked briefly in the Bromphy Protein Engineering Laboratory at Arizona State University before going on to the University of Southern California for her Medical degree. In between her second and third year at Medical School, Dr Udofia would receive a Masters of Business Administration, MBA. degree from the University of Michigan, where she led a student run venture capital team focused on health care startups, worked with an Israeli biotechnology company on marketing for their orthopaedic applications and interned at Genentech, one of the premier biotechnology companies in the world.

She went on to complete her medical degree and thereafter, underwent a 5-year rigorous and intensive training at Howard University Hospital on orthopaedic surgery. She also completed specialised training in orthopaedic sports medicine at the famed Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

Her scholarship, training, hard-work, consistency and dedication has paid off: Today, she is one of only three female African-Americans orthopaedic surgeons in the United States of America’s State of Arizona.

Above all, she’s proudly an Akwa Ibom daughter.

Akwa Ibom Celebrates a daughter of excellence.

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  • Queensley Udofia
    Posted October 7, 2020 8:39 pm 0Likes

    Thank you Akwa Ibom State for recognizing these great men and women of Akwa Ibom. Aniebie-Abasi Udofia is my one and only baby girl and also Prof. Uko’s niece. I wish our parents and big brother were here to share in this honor with our family. I see her living the true meaning of the name our parents gave her at birth which is “Ikpaisong of the First Order.” I’m not boating here but I give God Almighty all the glory for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter who continues to excel above all her equals in whatever she sets her mind to do.

    Baby Girl, I salute you and I tip my hat off to you.

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