He’s popularly called the father of modern Pentecostalism. And if you lived in the late 70’s you would have been familiar with Goodnews Evangelical Crusade Team in 1975 which traversed the length and breadth of today’s Akwa Ibom and Cross River States to share the good news of the gospel and demonstrate the saving power of God. Archbishop Dr. Elijah A. Mboho now 85, was the man behind that team.

That pioneering evangelical work has since blossomed and transformed into Goodnews Community which he still leads. Completely unrelenting, Archbishop Mboho still preaches and intercedes today with the same passion and fire that marked out his early days in ministry. He continues to demonstrate a strong passion to evangelize and minister to the physical needs of the people. The expansive Gospel Village, Abak, headquarters of his ministry and the home he has shared with more than 2000 indigent people is crucible with which he releases the tangible love of God to people in need, young and old, strong and weak. The children receive free education up to university level based on their capacity. Those who don’t make it to tertiary institutions receive skill-acquisition trainings so they can face their world as champions. In 2013 up to 70 youths were sponsored to tertiary institutions.

Archbishop Mboho holds the Higher National Diploma in Theology, Bachelors and Masters degrees in Christian Communication, doctorate degree in Theology and an honorary doctorate degree in Divinity. He was one of the first ministers to become Bishop in the Pentecostal circle in Nigeria.

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