Sen Anietie Okon
Courage Personified

Senator Anietie Okon is an Akwa Ibom voice that resonates widely in the nation’s political environment.

As the founding National Publicity Secretary of the People Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Anietie Okon not only spoke for the party, he often spoke his mind. If he believed a point of view, he will canvass and defend what he considered injustice and political oppression. He has stirred the hornets’ nest many times, like asking embattled Speaker of the House of Representatives Salini Buhari to resign over allegations of certificate forgery even when his party was yet to make a decision.

As Chairman of the Cross River Radio Corporation and Youth Leader of the National Party of Nigeria, he stood by then-Governor Clement Isong in his bid for a second term in office, against the stand of a greater number of party leaders.

You may not always agree with Senator Anietie Okon, who represented Uyo Senatorial District in the short-lived Third Republic, but you will always recognize the boldness, courage and candour with which he brings to his views on public discourse.

The former Vice Chairman of Arik Air, who facilitated the engagement of the airline as the preferred one for pioneer flight roles at the Victor Attah International Airport was a member of the Constitutional Conference that midwifed the fourth republic.

Akwa Ibom Celebrates a Courageous Patriot

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