Professor Efana James Usua

For very many years, his book, Biology for West Africa, published in 1975 was the definitive work and prescribed text for OLevel Biology across West Africa. In fact, it was all you needed to become a subject matter expert on foundational Biology. He’s authored 40 equally impactful books and publications and dedicated to his life to raising young men and women to fall in love with science and learning.

Professor Efana James Usua is a man of many parts: Political activist (was a unit leader of the COR – Calabar, Ogoja and Rivers State creation movement in the 60s), academic, public servant, elder of the Presbyterian Church, Fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation, former Vice Chancellor of Obong University and now the Ete Idung of Enen Atai Itam in Itu Local Government Area. It is to his credit that during his time as Commissioner for Education, Cross River State stood out as one of the states with the highest number of secondary schools in the country. To address the challenge of huge number of students seeking few admission opening in universities, he proposed and supervised the establishment of the University of Cross River State, now the University of Uyo.

Now 84, Akwa Ibom celebrates a man whose life has been a journey of raising, equipping and impacting generation with knowledge.

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