Foremost Communication Lawyer and Former NBA President .

The arrival of GSM on the communications scene at the dawn of the new millennia seemed to have caught Nigerians off guard.
Without a clear legal direction, Nigeria was groping in the dark. Without clearly defined processes governing the complex relationships between the operators and customers, the GSM experience was set to be a mirage. The technology was brand new and Nigerians were signing up in droves. It was to say the least, a confounding situation.
Everyone, even the regulatory authorities, needed help. And who did Nigeria turn to?
Enter Paul Usoro, SAN. At the time, Usoro was the nation’s foremost Communications law expert. He still is. It fell on him to lead the country out of that dark alley. In collaboration with the National Assembly, this great legal mind from Akwa Ibom drafted the Communications Act of 2003. At the time, the communications sector was undergoing far reaching transformation. It was just the tonic it needed. The Communications Act accelerated the reform process. It established the legal frameworks for the sector. And restored some order. The credit goes to Usoro. But Usoro is also a highly experienced litigator. He is the Founder and Principal Partner of Paul Usoro & Co, a successful law firm based in Lagos.
Usoro holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Usoro has never attended secondary school. He has also never worked for anyone save during his NYSC days. His experience, doggedness and brilliance have brought him not just fame but also some fortune.
Usoro sits on the boards some of Nigeria’s leading publicly-quoted companies such as Access Bank, Airtel Nigeria Ltd, Marina Securities Ltd, Premium Pensions Ltd, among others. Beyond fame and fortune, Usoro has done his work. He has acquitted himself creditably well as one of Nigeria’s most successful lawyers. His election in 2018 for a two-year term as the National President of the Nigerian Bar Association summed up his illustrious career. That position confers prestige and influence. Paul Usoro has earned both. Paul Usoro SAN is a true son of Akwa Ibom State and we are proud to celebrate him.

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  • Abasiama UDOUSORO
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    Absolutely inspiring!

    But I’m interested in him never attending secondary school

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