Her Excellency Nne Isong, MON
The Quintessential Akwa Ibom Woman

Her simplicity is thoroughly disarming. At whatever station life has brought her, she has remained humble and unassuming. Her unstated elegance shows, not in any lavish outward adornment but in the inner beauty she radiates and the strength she brings to bear on the issues she confronts. Her Excellency, Nne Clement Isong typifies the quintessential Akwa Ibom woman: industrious, humble and kind, a God-fearing homemaker with exceptional culinary skills who is always highly protective of all she calls her own.

As wife of His Excellency, Governor Clement Isong and therefore First Lady of the former Cross River State, she kept her full-time job with the state civil service and did not allow her position as wife of the Governor to affect her job or relationship with people.

Mrs. Nne Isong, educator and nutritionist, is a champion of women and children development issues. She joined the civil service from the private sector in 1980 and retired in 1996 as permanent secretary. Her time is service has been highlighted by her pioneering role in managing the Universal Primary Education scheme in Cross River State and inspiring then Minister of Education, Professor Jubril Aminu who visited Cross River State to adopt the same model at the federal level. She served for eight years on the governing board of West African Examinations Council (WAEC). As First Lady, in 1980, she initiated a women association, the Esop Ufon Iban in Cross River State which became a precursor of Maryam Babangida’s Better Life Programme. Now in retirement, Nne Isong, Obonganwan Awa and Adiaha Akwa Ibom, continues to support the work of women and children through her NGO and schools project.

Akwa Ibom is proud of her tangible contributions to our beautiful fabric.

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    God bless you ma. Indeed, you are a woman of honoui and admiration.

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