When McDonald’s, the American quick service restaurant, wanted to set up in South Africa in 1995 following the end of apartheid, it was an Akwa Ibom son, Efiong T. Akpan, from Nsit Ubium, that it turned to. Efiong who joined McDonald’s Corporation in 1972 in the United States, quickly mobilized, recruited and trained many South Africans and made history within the corporation for setting up the fastest operations in any territory. Efiong opened the first McDonald’s in Johannesburg in November 1995 and built more than 100 restaurants employing about 6000 five years later in 2000. Efiong grew the McDonald’s brand in South African so aggressively that by the time he retired from the company in 2016, McDonald’s had more than 300 restaurants across South Africa. Today, Efiong is a patron of Akwa Ibom Indigenes in South Africa encouraging our people to be great ambassadors in South Africa.

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