Editi Effiong
Excellent Techpreneur

Editi Effiong, founder and CEO of Anakle Limited, a company launched in November 2010, is an exciting Akwa Ibom techpreneur. His zero to hero story began June, 2014, after Anakle launched “The Brideprice” mobile app on ”Twitter.” The app went on to trend, getting almost 2 million hits from over 180 countries and becoming an instant viral sensation in one week. This singular event caught the attention of the international press and Editi spent the latter part of the month doing the interview circuit with CNN, BBC and CNBC.

Editi’s rise to fame and success is an inspiring story that proves you do not need millions or even connections and friends in high places to achieve your dreams; all you need is willpower and determination. Before founding Anakle, Editi had to learn how to operate computers from a close friend and he began building websites at age 18 when his mother bought him a desktop computer. Today, his firm has delivered services to First Bank, Access Bank, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, British Council, Interswitch, Airtel, UBA and Glo, among others.

Besides owning a famous tech firm which creates viral campaigns like the Brideprice App of 2014, the Call Your Mum App of 2015, and its Things Come Together ad for Wikipedia in 2017 on social media, Editi recently built a computer lab for the primary school he attended in the 90s. He also organises trainings focused on digital marketing, user experience design, photography through Anakle’s blog and offers digital marketing advice to SMEs and other interested entrepreneurs and business owners.

Keep doing what you do Editi. Akwa Ibom is proud of you.

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  • Godwin Anietie Jones
    Posted September 26, 2020 1:50 pm 0Likes

    Hello brothers and sisters
    This means Akwa Ibom state people are really courageous like Lion,the truly Dakkada for greatness in the world.
    Please can we lunch a book with all our great sons and daughters from ancient times till date and achievement,also have platform online and Television channels for documentary on all if them and achievement!
    It will be more reason for our children not to feel inferior.

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