Aity Dennis-Inyang

Aity Dennis-Inyang’ s first day on stage was anything but a disaster. She was billed to perform a duet with a fellow student. On stage, she forgot every line of the song she had been rehearsing for weeks while her colleague sang on.She left her on stage, running down to a crying match.

But today, she is a beacon of gospel music and one of the most travelled stage performing gospel act in Nigeria. Infact, she was the only Guest performing artiste invited by former President Goodluck Jonathan to the presentation of his official biography, Wind of Hope, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The first Album of the graduate of French who also holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communications, titled My Hiding Place, came out in 1995 and contained the hit track, Final Thank, a song dedicated to her mentor, Pastor Sylvanus Ukafia

Down the line, she has written over 5,000 songs, performed in America, Europe and accross Africa. The inspiration for her song, Amkpaidem, came on a performance trip to Kenya.

The multi-talented, multi-lingual musician is also a dancer, a television producer and a writer. Her book, He Kept Me, was unveiled at the celebration of her 50th birthday in 2016.

Aity is an Akwa Ibom Culture and Tourism Ambassador; a proud winner of the Music Mentors Award in Houston, Texas, USA and Chairperson of the Lagos State chapter of the Forum of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria ( FOGMMON).

The former teacher, who is married to foremost pentecostal Pastor Dennis Inyang of SureWord Assembly, Okota, Lagos, runs her record label, TDK Music.

Akwa Ibom celebrates her illustrous Culture and Tourism Ambassador!!

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